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A high ratio implies efficient credit and collection process.The fixed asset turnover ratio measures the amount of sales activity a business is.Financial ratios are a valuable and easy way to interpret the numbers found in.Asset utilization is a ratio used by business analysts to. it is helpful to know the accounts receivable turnover,.Shareholders look at efficiency ratios to assess how effectively their investments in the company are being used.

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Accounts receivable turnover sounds complicated and intimidating but once you understand the concept it can easily be used to improve your business.

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In other words, the accounts receivable turnover ratio measures how many times a business can collect its average accounts receivable during the year.

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It is an activity ratio and gives information about the efficiency of sales. the accounts receivable turnover is:.

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Th accounts receivable turnover ratio is used to measure how efficient a company is in collecting its credit sales from customers.

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Efficiency ratios are used internally to check if the company is.

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Receivables turnover ratio Total operating revenues divided by average receivables.Financial ratios are relationships. and 4) operating or efficiency—with.Accounts receivable turnover Accounts receivable turnover is an efficiency ratio that measures how many times a business can turn its accounts receivable into cash during a period i.e. measures the number of times per period that a business collects its average accounts receivable.

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Some of the most commonly considered efficiency ratios include inventory turnover, accounts receivable turnover, accounts payable turnover and the cash conversion cycle (CCC).

See Also: Accounts Receivable Turnover Collect Accounts Receivable Calculate Daily Sales Outstanding Time Saving Tip for Filing Vendor Invoices Accounts Payable Notes.Efficiency analysis Efficiency is a reference to how efficient the. there are only two measure of efficiency that you need.

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It indicates the average number of times in a year a company collects its open accounts.Compute and compare the accounts receivable turnover ratios for Coca-Cola and Wal-Mart.

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The resulting number that the ratio gives you indicates how many times the business is able to collect its average accounts receivable over the course of a year.This measure is used to gauge the efficiency of the business before taking.A short-term liquidity measure used to quantify the rate at which a company pays.

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Generally a high value of accounts receivable turnover is favorable and lower figure may indicate inefficiency in collecting outstanding sales.

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Calculating Accounts Receivable Turnover. of a number of measures used to calculate activity or asset utilization ratios (which indicate operational efficiency).

Receivables Turnover Ratio is one of the efficiency ratios and measures the number of times receivables are collected, on average, during the fiscal year.

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